Waltr 2


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How to Convert Movie to iPad with WALTR 2

Step #2. Launch WALTR 2 and connect your iPad to your computer.

The new window will appear on your desktop. Use a USB cable to connect your device to Mac & Windows.

From now on, just a couple of mouse clicks – and your video is on your iPad

Step #3. Push the video into WALTR.

Drag the movie file with your mouse and drop it to the app’s drop-zone by releasing the mouse button.

The file converting will start automatically, as soon as you see the blue progress line on your screen.

Once it disappears – the movie is converted to the format readable by the standard iPad player, and copied to the device, too. Find it in the playlist right now!

Step #4. Watch your movie on your beloved iPad.

The video wil be available for native playback. This means you can find it on your Home Videos folder and play it back without any third-party software involved.

Say what you want, but currently, this is the most troubless way to put AVI, WMA, CUE, MP4, MKV to iPad or iPhone. It even has Wi-Fi support, so no cords needed. You just drag and drop the file – and then you play it.

Heres the scenario:

You’re getting ready for a trip or just using the public transportation, and when there’s no internet connection around you, instead of being bored out of your mind, you want to spend your previous time watching a new TV show/movie/old movie/anime cartoon or whatever.

Sounds familiar?

There’s been a lot of fuss about what’s the best app to use when you want to put unsupported movies onto your iPhone or iPad. I’m sure that pretty much everyone has been in this situation. Anyways, to get this solved, you’re probably looking for a great tool for moving audio, video data from your Mac to your iOS device. And unfortunately, iTunes just doesn’t handle this good enough.


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Any other use of the software, scripts, sources, texts, drawings or methods contained in the programs made available on the Website or any other element of the Website, and in particular the use of the whole or parts of programs, scripts or any other item likely to be marketed, rented or any other for-profit use of the aforesaid items is strictly prohibited.

In the event of non-compliance with the instructions or with the limitations of use related to the services or in the event of non-compliance with the current User Agreement, Softorino RESERVES THE RIGHT TO SUSPEND OR CLOSE ANY USER ACCOUNT, TO DENY ACCESS TO ITS SERVERS AND TO TERMINATE ITS SERVICES WITHOUT ANY COMPENSATION.


iTunes, you are drunk. Go home.

Sometimes you have to go through tons of hassle just to add music to iPhone. iTunes is so complex. In fact, you never know what really went wrong. The software has so many options and you are the one to do all the guesswork.

On the good days, iTunes behaves like a nice pal, but sometimes you just can’t add music to iPhone with this app.

iTunes is now a media store – more than it ever was a music player. Its purpose is to sell –mainly. It’s not the dear music player that we are used to.

Once again, iTunes is very complex software. And probably Apple does a great job trying to fit such a huge functionality in just 1 app. But the user experience leaves much to be desired.

Did it help or not?

Hey, give us a heads up what worked for you! Was it a custom playlist? iCloud music library? WALTR? Let us know!

If nothing helped you and you still can’t add music to iPhone – write in the comments and we’ll try to give you a hand. Let’s brainstorm this together.

P.S. There’s a jillion of people who also can’t add music to iPhone! So if you find this article helpful, please share it on social media!

To sum it up:

WALTR is better because it does not make you install any extra apps on your device. It automatically configures your movies for native playback in the highest quality possible. And it also imports the media directly without worrying about iTunes sync hassle.

Here’s how to put AVI movie to iPhone using WALTR

Step 1. Download & install WALTR.

Download the app for free and install it by taking the .dmg file, opening it and dragging the .app file into your ‘Applications’ folder. If you’re on a Windows PC, you can simply download the .exe file and proceed through the installation process. It will take less than 50 seconds.

Open WALTR. After you have done so, plug your iPhone into Mac/PC via USB.

Step 3. Drag AVI into WALTR and sit back.

Once the device is properly recognized, WALTR will turn into a drop-zone window and ask you to drop any file that you want to transfer into the iPad. So locate an AVI movie file and drag & drop it into the drop-zone.

You’re good to go. After the transfer is complete(progress bar will notify you about this), go ahead and access the movie from your iPad’s native Video player.

In Conclusion

The iPhone and iPod touch get excellent video games – but they are restricted with regard to the movie formats they help, as you most likely understand.

In the event you have got, say, MKV or flash files you would like to watch, you are out of luck until you run them via a converter a time-consuming headache, to say the least. Of course, VLC is now ready for iPhone, making almost all movie formats playable without transformation.

But. With WALTR, you don’t need to install any extra apps.

Relish your video files away from home! Remember that high definition video formats like MKV, which is usually a BluRay rent, can eat some significant storage capability on an iOS apparatus, so unless you’ve got a bigger capacity iPad or iPhone, you might need to use lower-resolution and much more compressed video files in the first place.

That is also when the more room-aware AVI, MPEG, M4V, MP4 may be great video format options, especially because the monitor size as well as the resolution of smaller iOS apparatus, in spite of a retina show, do not actually make use of the full high definition MKV possibility.

Set Ringtones on iPhone without iTunes

Trendy custom ringtones is a cooler way to make your iPhone personal.

With WALTR 2 you can put any .m4r track onto your iPhone – but you also can use iRingg. iRingg is a smart Ringtones app – that helps to create unique ringtones and send on your iPhone in 1-click.

Note. iRingg is not available for download yet. Now you can pre-order it as a part of a special Priority package.

iRingg is intelligent and lightweight MacOS & Windows app; it uses machine learning to suggest you the perfect tracks – before you even think about it. In fact, it analyses your tastes and shows you tunes that you like the most. Alternatively, you can also search for the desired track using an in-app browser or upload your own track.

Step 2. Edit & trim your song up to 30 seconds.

There are many ways to make it unique: you can record your own voice intro or apply cool voice effects. You can even test Softorino’s new fun feature – SndMoji (basically emojis with sound).

iRingg is a fun app that will personalize your iPhone in the best way

Step 3. Save ringtone to your iPhone.

Then trim your ringtone and transfer to your iPhone. Finally, you can as well share it on the web or send it to your friend.

How to Download Music on your iPod from YouTube

Look into my eyes and tell me that you don’t spend hours on YouTube. Don’t lie! It happens very often that we just forget about time and watch video blogs, tutorials, talk shows on YouTube. But there are many music videos too. And they are just perfect for listening on your iPod.

So what if you could download music on your iPod – straight from YouTube?

Sounds crazy? But it’s real. Read how to download music from YouTube to iPod directly!

There’s a simple way to download songs on your legacy iPod from YouTube. All it takes is a tiny app – Softorino YouTube Converter. Just connect your iPod to your computer and copy the URL. Then you can easily add music to iPod. Here’s how this works:

The best part? Every iPod & iPhone model is supported!

You can download Softorino YouTube Converter for free and try it out for 24h, but then you will need to pay $19.95 to purchase the full license.

Besides iPods, Softorino YouTube Converter will download any video or audio to your desktop machine or iPhone. This is the supreme way to start using your old iPod. Cult Of Mac confirms that SYC 2 seamlessly converts videos to Apple devices.

Quick Features List:

I’m sure that now you understand why WALTR is presented as the best solution, which can quickly provide you with the very best way to put MKV HD video formats to your iPad. But WALTR also includes a lot more awesome features, such as:

Can we enjoy high-quality MKV films on iPad? Which formats does iPad support for videos? – These are very popular questions nowadays since every year, iPads are getting better than better with higher screen resolution.

And in this article, we finally unveiled the most straight forward way to convert MKV to iPad or iPhone on Mac and Windows.

In Conclusion

In light of the popularity of the video format where the Android can read even Vorbis and VP8 streams. Yet, as a result of Apple’s regular policy, the iPad will not play with an MKV video without an iPad video converter or an additional player program.

Thanks to WALTR you can put MKV to iPad on Mac / Windows without using any 3rd party programs in a hassle-free procedure. WALTR also accepts all the popular video formats. For the time being, it’s the easiest tool to convert movie to mp4 for iPad or iPhone.

You just drag the file and drop it. The files automatically appear in your iOS native TV app. In fact, it’s always going to be available in the best quality possible and in the native iOS video app. You can also take advantage of the big iPhone 7 screen and use WALTR to transfer MKV to iPad Pro or iPhone 7 on Mac / Windows. It will be as easy, just plug in your device, drop your file and wait until it’s done.

In conclusion, WALTR is simple & smart. No more proper format headache. WALTR just ‘makes it work’.

7 Reasons Why You Shouldnt Use a Keygen or Crack for WALTR 2:

Please don’t be one of those lames that would rather go through a ton of hassle to pirate a superior Mac / Windows app that they really love rather than spare the developer a few dollars for his effort. Now, despite being covered by the world’s leading tech media, we’ve put together 7 reasons why you shouldn’t use a pirated version of WALTR 2.

Reason #1. You won’t be able to update

Updating a cracked app sucks. When you update – you lose your cracked version of WALTR 2. You then need to wait until the hackers break the newest version. Reinstall it and pray that a new version doesn’t mess up just when you need to put some movies/songs on your device.

Reason #2. We love horses.

We’re nice people. Seriously. We love horses, cats, dogs & many other cute creatures. Josh Brown from Softorino, loves unicorns. That being said, it will always be logically possible to try and crack WALTR 2. This is simply the nature of the beast. But please don’t do it

Reason #4. Say “Bye-Bye” to WALTR 2 being safe

Now, while using a WALTR keygen / crack, you’ll be provided with a chance of the app being free – it will also cause things to work unexpectedly and may harm the main functions of your Mac. Or maybe not. It’s your choice, Neo.

Reason #5. Constant crashes.

I mean if you’re okay with something interrupting your uploading process once in a while – pfft, go ahead and use the cracked version.

Please understand, when you spend money on a license for WALTR, you don’t just get an app – you receive a lifetime of updates and an experience that cannot be matched.

Reason #6. No technical support.

If you encounter issues, you have no one to blame but yourself. Even though WALTR is extremely intuitive, you may still encounter issues or questions. And if you’re using a cracked version of WALTR, you will not get the 24/7 professional support we provide to all our customers.

But again – you won’t get this luxury if you decide to use a cracked version and you’re just gonna have to figure out what’s causing this issue – on your own.

Reason #7. Support our small business.

Our team only has 9 people. And we do everything here from web design to social media management. So it’s up to you – be awesome or be cheap. Gain karma or be cursed.

While WALTR & WALTR 2 for Mac & Windows are considerably cheaper than constantly using converters, the 3rd party iOS apps and iTunes, there’s still many peeps who would rather download it illegally than have to spare $30 for the app.

And even though It’s pretty easy to find a WALTR keygen or crack – we would rather trust you rather than implement some major anti-crack code that will prevent pirates from creating a keygen.

The truth is, the Mac itself is very hard to break for viruses & protection exploits, but the software created to improve the experience for Mac users are being cracked and pirated. Same goes for Windows.

A real hacker who is experienced and skilled will usually find some hole to dig in and break the security of WALTR but let us ask you this – are you really going to feel good about using something that’s cheated?

In conclusion, we really like to believe that our users are bada$$ but honest. So help a brother out, don’t steal and get yourself a WALTR lifetime license. Legally.

6 Last resort revert iTunes to the previous version after an update

This is hard, long and painful. It has to be your last step. If you have a time machine and can travel back in time to tell yourself NOT to update – do it. Or follow the steps below (which is so much harder!)

1. Launch iTunes. You might want to save your music library on your computer before you revert to iTunes’ previous version. Click File > Library > Export library.

2. Open up Terminal app on your Mac and type the following, hit ‘Return”: cd /Applications/

Next step is to remove iTunes. Make sure to type exactly the following: sudo rm -rf iTunes.app/

Double check if you wrote everything correctly. It has to point to iTunes.app. Only then hit return. You will then need to insert your password to confirm the removal.

3. Afterward, open Finder and locate user ~/Music/iTunes/ folder. There you will find the file named “iTunes Library.itl”. Move it to the desktop.

4. Go back to ~/Music/iTunes/ folder. Open ‘Previous iTunes libraries” folder and locate the iTunes Library file with the most recent date. (They all are labeled with the exact date when you installed iTunes.) Make sure to copy that file.

5. Move that copy to ~/Music/iTunes/ folder. Next step is to rename the file to “iTunes Library.itl”

6. In fact, Apple stores installer files of previous iTunes versions. Your call is to find the iTunes version you want to revert to and download it.

7. Finally, install iTunes version that you just downloaded.

That’s it! Congratulations! You’ve been through a lot of trouble and it’s time for the reward. There’s a previous iTunes version on your computer now – so if you couldn’t add music to iPhone after the update – you probably can now!

The Good

The good news is that WALTR 2 works very well at transferring media files to any Apple device. It converts files on the fly, keeping lossy files in a supported lossy format. This means you can send newer file formats into your iPod Classic, and they’ll automatically get converted to something that will work on that device.

WALTR 2 is flexible enough not only to support almost any media file format, but it doesn’t tie you to your computer. The automatic Wi-Fi connection stitching works flawlessly, letting you disconnect from your computer and keep transferring your music, books, and video files. WALTR 2 even supports 4K Ultra HD videos.

How to Convert Movies to iPad without iTunes

Our development team went to great lengths trying to come up with the way to bypass iTunes and convert movies to iPad in a much simpler way. The outcome is the application WALTR – simplest thing ever to put media on iOS devices.

Instead of tons of converting setting or tabs, you just get one window that serves as a drop-zone. Push AVI or MKV or any other media files into the app – and voila!

If you wondered how to play MKV files on iPhone or iPad right in the default TV.app – this is the easiest way to get this done. WALTR is a legit Mac & Windows application able to convert the downloaded film to Apple accepted format swimmingly and fleetly.

Privacy Consent

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By using Softorino products, you agree that Softorino and its subsidiaries may collect and use technical and related information, as long as it is in a form that does not personally identify you, to improve our products or to provide services or technologies to you, to improve our products or to provide services or technologies to You.

Here’s an overview of anonymous data being collected into Google Analytics when you use our software:

  • Version of .NET 4 framework installed;
  • OS bit version;
  • If iTunes is installed;
  • Setup installation type (install, uninstall, reinstall, update);
  • Exception message if our software crashes;
  • Activation type (trial, lifetime);
  • Software version, OS version;
  • Model of connected device;
  • If iTunes sync is supported (for connected device);

Why MKV is so convenient

A lot of us download tons of these high-quality movies directly from the internet. In fact, they are usually in the MKV format. And it’s a great format to use, for sure. This format can also include any kind of an audio or video format. Besides great quality, it includes subtitles, which may be even in multiple languages.

The biggest enemy of all movie fans, that have their collection in .MKV format, is putting those MKVs into your iPad. Now-a-days, it’s a hair-pulling experience because iTunes & iOS devices do NOT support formats such as MKV, AVI or FLAC. And it’s a shame since it’s already 2017 and there are just too many people with these files. So, to get this done, we need to convert MKV to iPad. After we convert it to the proper format – MP4 – we use iTunes to sync and upload the movie.

Honestly, this is not the fastest or easiest procedure. This is why, we want to introduce a shockingly fast way to convert MKV to iPad using just one little Mac OS app.

In Conclusion

In fact, WALTR makes music transfer to iPad and other Apple devices pleasant, short and simple. The application just gets the job done. Push your file into WALTR – and it’s on your iPhone. You just make a couple of clicks, while WALTR 2 does all the dirty work.

WALTR also crashes the format barrier imposed by Apple. The application accepts any file format from your collection like AVI, MKV, APE and others & puts them on iPad swimmingly. WALTR converts them on-the-fly so then you can play them on your device.

The best part – regardless of the file container, you can play it back from the default video & music application.

What does this mean? That you can do pretty much anything and even sync music to iPhone.

Well, this means that you can store all your music in just one app and orgainze it in playlists just like you want.

So go ahead and add some music to your iPad or any other device with WALTR right now! Speak your mind about WALTR 2 in the comments section below!

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This License Agreement is made in correspondence with Softorino’s Privacy Policy.

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Comprehensive Device and Format Support Is Important In an iTunes Replacement

WALTR 2 goes way beyond just your iOS device. Still kicking around an iPod Classic and want to copy media files to it sans iTunes? WALTR 2 is capable of doing that. Softorino, the developers behind WALTR 2, spent four years researching the data-write protocols Apple used for each generation of device, enabling a secure connection with the proper protocol for every one.

Even better, WALTR 2 supports just about any music or video file format, even Apple Music files. Windows Media files (WMA), often the bane of Mac users, work just fine through WALTR 2. Have a collection of 4K Ultra HD videos you want to transfer? No problem. The app also works with ePub and iBooks files, along with PDFs. With its Smart Adaptive Conversion, WALTR 2 is able to convert your video and audio files to what your device can use, on the fly and very quickly.

How to Transfer MKV to iPad on Mac Windows In Only 3 Steps without iTunes:

The developers over at Softorino Inc. have recently released WALTR 2. A smart tool that lets you transfer any file in ANY format (even FLAC, MKV, MOV, AVI, M4R) straight into your iPad. Without using the clumsy and huge iTunes.

Here’s what you can transfer to any Apple device with WALTR

According to many reviews, WALTR doesn’t have a lot of needless bells and whistles; it just performs as promised.огf

Plus it’s very user-friendly & it runs on their very own ‘SilentCnvrt’ Technology with support for numerous formats – which means you will get the outcome video with no loss of quality and a shockingly quick way.

Step 2. Connect your iPad (or iPhone)

At first, connect the iPad to your Mac / PC via USB when prompt.

There’s also an option to transfer MKV to iPad via wireless networks. Try this by clicking on the gear in the bottom of the app and selecting ‘Enable WiFi Connectivity’.

Connect an iPhone with a USB cord and click ‘Trust the device’ on your phone

Step 3. Add your MKV files.

You simply have to drag and drop the MKV video files into the ‘Drop ANY Files Here’ window. It will begin transferring automatically.

Drag a file and drop it into WALTR. It will take a couple of minutes to download.

That’s it: just stay patient until the process is done. Finally – access the files from your native Video app on the iPad. mmjbpjnh

Moreover, WALTR 2 has a smart built-in technology that recognizes any movie or video and fills in all the metadata, including movie description, actors info, and artwork! So once you transferred MKV to iPad, head straight to your default videos app to check this out!

Sooo, what’s that? A cartoon! Right in the default Videos/TV app

And that’s it. Congratulations!

Your MKV is ready for natural playback on the iPad. In the highest quality possible.

How to Transfer Videos from Computer to iPhone

If you have doubts if this solution is really that good – you can check out a CNet article saying that skepticism quickly disappears once you try WALTR. And you can even convert AVI to iPad with it.

Besides videos, WALTR 2 also supports music, ringtones, PDF and ePub files. Btw, ringtone transfer is one of the most favorite features of the users, since to set up a ringtone you just need to drag M4R file into WALTR 2.

Now, follow the guide below to transfer videos from computer to iPhone in just seconds! Moreover, you can even sync iPhone over Wi-Fi.

Step 1. Download and install the app.

To get the installation file – hit the green button right below. Don’t worry – the download is free. WALTR 2 works on both Mac OS and Windows.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to your Computer.

You’ll need to plug it in just once. In the little settings wheel below, select ‘Enable WIFI Connectivity’ and WALTR 2 will see your device even if it’s not connected.

After this, the whole process of transferring videos from computer to iPhone becomes as simple as walking.

Step 3. Drop your video file to the WALTR window.

The UI design is nothing but intuitive. WALTR simply tells you to push your files into the drop zone and there are no additional tabs or buttons. It’s so simple – even a kid could do it without much explanation!

Step 4. Play your file

Go to your default videos app on your iPhone and play your file! Instead of a hair-pulling & cumbersome procedure of iTunes syncing, you just drag your file into WALTR 2 and it’s there!

And all the transferred files will be available from the default TV.app.

You are not required to install any other third-party software on your device! And the best part is that you can even sync iPhone over Wi-Fi.

In fact, WALTR is out there almost 2 years and for this time it became a classic app, that’s recommended to every iPhone user.

But all that’s we just told you is the tip of the iceberg, since you can do with WALTR 2 so much more:

WALTR 2 is designed by a crew of indie developers from Softorino.

Initially, they were just a couple of friends who loved Apple devices. But as a whole lot of Apple users worldwide, they were sure that file management and the synchronization between Apple devices should be soo much easier!!

That’s when they came up with the ultimate solution – WALTR, a smart tool, that lets you transfer videos from computer to iPhone without iTunes, jailbreak or any other third-party app on your iPhone.

To Sum Up:

WALTR does exactly what it’s supposed to do. It takes the suck out of file sharing & converting, so that you can play back any music or any video file without issues on your beloved iPhone.

Once you have it, you get the freedom to watch any videos you like regardless of the file format. The converting becomes a piece of cake.

A LifeHack: once you have a movie on your iPhone you can airplay it to your Apple TV and fully enjoy it on the big screen!

WALTR is a very well thought-out product, you can transfer videos from computer to iPhone just by dragging your file into that app and the next second – here it is all ready to be played back!

An Easy-Peasy Way to add music to iPad without iTunes:

Honestly, this way is so simple – it doesn’t even need to be explained. However, we want to make everything as clear as possible, so go ahead and watch this short video below:

Your free trial begins as soon as the information that you’ve entered is confirmed.

Step 1: Launch WALTR 2 and connect your iPad via USB.

Get your USB cable ready and plug-in your device to your computer.

Once you’ve connected it, WALTR will tell you to drop your files into the window. That’s all you need to do to add music on an iPad.

Tip: While your iPhone or iPad is still plugged in, click on the settings wheel in WALTR’s right low corner and click on ‘Enable Wi-FI Connectivity’ to add music, movies, ringtones, ebooks to your iPad over the air Without the need to know how to use Handbrake.

Step 2: Drop your desired file into the app

Take your music and drag it into the application. Yes, it’s THAT simple!

You can also click on the little ‘Plus’ button to manually select the desired files. The transferring process will start immediately, you will see the progress bar.

As soon as the line is filled up – your music transfer is completed

Step 3: THAT’S IT! Play your Music!

So to add your music on an iPad – you just need 2 seconds! You connect your iPad and put your song into WALTR 2. Thats’s how shockingly easy it is! Every iPod needs FLAC!

Now, just go to the playlist of your native music app on your iPad. Your song is there, waiting for you to play it back.

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