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IINA embraces the latest features of MacOS, including an interface theme designed for Dark Mode and picture-in-picture compatibility for watching video playback while working on other things. It supports everything from the MacBook Touch Bar to trackpad gestures for controls. There’s also some interesting innovation under the hood, including the ability to play online streams and YouTube playlists via IINA, as well as all your local files. If you’re looking for an interesting player that thinks outside the box, give IINA a shot. Since the player is open source, you can also expect additional interactivity in the future as the community grows.


Clementine is an open-source player that has consistently added features over the years, all available for free. It can play pretty much anything, from CDs and local playlists to internet radio, with quick switching between them as necessary. A large number of micromanagement features make Clementine a good option for organizing your music, including smart and dynamic playlists, downloading album art and artist biographies, and even enabling MacOS desktop notifications to keep track of… well, your tracks. It may all take a bit to learn, and the interface has a bit of a dated look, but the sheer number of options lets Clementine remain one of the top Mac media players available.

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  • Just 10 devices make the limit for Google Play Music.

  • VOX erases the limits. The limit on the number of devices you can use the service on is one of them. If you’re a music recording studio, and you have, say, 6 Macs, 2 Apple Watches and 11 iPhones, how do you get access to the same music on all of them? VOX can be the easiest solution.

In the end of this feature battle, we want to mention some great integrations VOX Premium features can provide.

  • SoundCloud integration, and the feed from the people you follow on SoundCloud can be accessed freely
  • Radio that hosts over 3,000 stations worldwide
  • LastFM integration
  • the opportunity to listen to YouTube music directly through the Mac app (the same feature for iPhone is currently being developed). No fees applied for that which makes it a great YouTube Red alternative

What to choose — VOX Player or Google Play Music — the decision is up to you.

Learn more about VOX Premium features

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  • VOX for iPhoneMusic Player for iPhonefor Hi-Res music
  • VOX for MacPremium Mac Music Playerfor Hi-Res music

Which online streaming service to choose

Most of the people these days are already using one of such services one way or another. Remember when was the last time you opened YouTube? Correct, it is also one of the popular streaming sites. You may love it or hate it (those ads!) but one cannot deny that one can find almost everything there! The great thing about it is that it has not only a collection of various videos and parts of the movies (sometimes even full versions!) but it also has a great music library.

SoundCloud is our other favourite in the field of online music streaming websites. One gets an access to a very wide variety of songs and music, written by both popular and independent artists. One can filter songs by word, artist or genre, and pretty much create a personalized radio for themselves. One can also save the songs to their collection in order to listen to them one more time or even download some of the tracks.

Radio must be the oldest representative of the streaming services. It has experienced ups and downs throughout history. From having just a couple of waves everyone listened to, to many different radio stations around the world. Moreover, the format started to change – now one can access the station they want to listen to online, from any device that can connect to Internet.

Now, let’s check out the advantages of online music streaming:

  • You can listen to it 24/7.
  • You have a great variety of music to choose from.
  • It does not take up your phone’s or device’s memory.
  • You can listen to it anywhere.
  • In most cases it supports various systems – you just have to log in to your account.
  • You can create your personal playlist and it will be saved for you.
  • Based on your preferences you can listen to new suggestions.

And only one big disadvantage – you need to have the good and stable internet connection everywhere.


Для тех, кому нравится iTunes, существует стороннее приложение BitPerfect. Оно не имеет отдельной оболочки и встраивается в системное меню. BitPerfect автоматически, прозрачно для пользователя, интегрируется в iTunes и выставляет режим устройства в точности как у очередного файла в плейлисте.

В случае устройства Oppo HA-1, которое поддерживает все возможные форматы, вся эта вкладка нам совершенно не нужна, так как она будет заведомо ухудшать качество звука. Для прослушивания звука так, как это задумали на студии звукозаписи, следует оставить значение по умолчанию: Do Not Upsample.

Оговоримся, что BitPerfect не является панацеей и требует для максимального качества записей поддержки всех необходимых режимов и возможности побитного вывода данных. Bit perfect, то есть «побитовая точность», возможна только в этом случае.

Additional Features. VOX Music Player vs. JRiver


Apart from playing music, users can:

  • put tags;
  • rip and burn CDs/DVDs; 
  • create smart playlists;
  • convert audio formats. 

There are many audio setting, but unless you’re a professional audio engineer or a music geek, you’ll get confused just like I did. 

VOX Music Player

I’ve already mentioned Spotify,, and SoundCloud integration. As for audio settings, VOX offers:

  • Equalizer.
  • BS2B (Crossfeed).
  • Track Buffer.
  • Gap/Overlap.
  • Sync Sample Rate.
  • Hog Mode.
  • Extra Volume.

Apart from that, there’s an online storage for your music. It’s called VOX Music Cloud. 

The cloud serves as the main place to keep your music and stream from it to your devices. VOX Music Cloud is an unlimited online storage. You can upload there as much music as you want. It also has no restrictions on audio formats or file’s size. If your upload thousands of FLACs, it’s fine. You can listen to them on your iPhone and Mac. VOX Music Cloud is available only to VOX Premium subscribers.

Learn more about VOX Music Cloud

Now that we’ve learned about these players, you can try any of them and see how it goes. I prefer VOX Music Player because it’s easier to navigate and use in general. JRiver would suit best for audio engineers and audiophile who know things about sound equalization. But I’m not one of them. 

Ecoute iTunes helper or a separate Mac audio player

Ecoute is an audio player for Mac which works together with iTunes. It makes one’s life much easier – you still have your good old iTunes, but all the clutter is taken away, Ecoute has taken care of it. iTunes’ library is being accessed and played by Ecoute. The great thing is that it can not only play music tracks, but also podcasts and videos. One can also integrate with Facebook and Twitter in order to boast in front of everyone about your excellent music taste 😛 .

Overall, it is a good audio player for Mac, not too innovative but stable and intuitive. Good choice for someone who knows what they want.


  • Dropbox accepts all file formats. We mean not only all types of music files, but ALL possible files, Word document or MP4 video. That is good, by no means. However, an audiophile interested in keeping music in cloud has no way to listen to it through cloud directly. There is no player (so far) connected to Dropbox that streams music from the cloud directly to the headphones or speakers.

  • VOX Cloud won’t accept your wedding videos or the research paper you wrote in your freshman year. It will, however, accept any of the following file formats in unlimited amounts: aif, aiff, ape, alac, aac, m4a, mp4, caf, flac, mp1, mp2, mp3, mpc, sd2, vorbis ogg, spx, tta, wav, wma. Audio formats supported but played after downloading only in Loop (not streaming): it, mod, m4b, s3m, ay, mo3.

Release Notes

JamVOX III v3.03 Release Notes

- On Windows, JamVOX may have crashed when calibrating your expression pedal. This has been fixed.

Some minor improvements have been implemented to improve stability.


JamVOX III v3.02 Release Notes

- JamVOX III now supports Windows 8.

- On Windows, the recording function may not have previously worked. This has been fixed.

- We have added the ability to adjust existing loop ranges. You can adjust start or end position of your existing loop by dragging from the leftmost or rightmost of your selection in either direction.

Some minor improvements have been implemented to improve stability.


JamVOX III v3.01 Release Notes

- You can now record guitar without already loading a song. You can also choose whether or not you’d like to record with drums or metronome. To do so, select recording style from the "Control" menu.

- You can now use song data which includes auto change information made in version 2.01 or older. To convert previous data to Jam Set Files, click on the "File" menu > "Migration Assistant…".

- On Mac, a Panic Button has been added at the right side of the Master Level Meter. If you hear noise in your audio signal, clicking this button should improve the sound.

- On Windows, JamVOX may crash when launching if your OS user name contains characters not in the alphabet. This has been fixed.

- On Windows, JamVOX crashed when loading AAC files. This has been fixed.

- The metronome tempo changed when changing sample rate of audio devices. This has been fixed.

- JamVOX III may not have been recognized as AU plug-in. This has been fixed.

- On Windows, the resolution of recorded video file has been improved to 640 x 480.

- When loading songs, the time required to render a wave form view has improved.

- Imported programs from ToneLab LE may not have loaded properly in JamVOX 3.0. This has been fixed.

Some minor improvements have been implemented to improve stability.


JamVOX III v3.00 Release Notes

GXT III Enhanced Guitar XTraktion
The Guitar XTracktion feature has been dramatically improved, making it even easier to cancel or isolate a particular track or instrument. This highly-evolved GXT III engine can extensively analyze songs that until now were difficult to work with. The engine has been tuned to obtain a more natural tonal character, and now you can use the JamVOX-Online site to search and download GXT III settings shared by other JamVOX users for a specific song.

Performance Interface
The updated user interface is based on an analysis of the workflow involved in learning songs by ear, practicing, and jam sessions. Also new is the large and easy-to-use full-screen mode, transforming your computer into your own personalized performance studio. The music player shows the waveform of the song, providing a clear, visual indication of the song's development and structure. You can zoom in on the playback position to practice that amazing solo, or set up the repeated playback of the bridge or chorus that you're practicing. JamVOX III provides the performance environment that every guitarist dreams about.

Movie Recording Feature
Using your computer's webcam, the new movie recording feature lets you capture video of your own guitar playing. You can review your own performance with the aim of improving your skills, or upload your performance to a video-sharing site so that guitarists around the world can watch it. The song will start playing automatically when you press the record button for the movie; there's no need to press a separate record button and song playback button. This movie function is designed specifically to aid guitarists in recording their own playing.

103 M


VOX just sounds better! The beauty is in its simplicity, yet behind the minimal exterior lies a powerful music player with a ton of features and support for all audio formats you should ever need. VOX was originally developed following the principles of clarity, simplicity and versatility. Thus, the minimalistic interface incorporates both essential and unique features, which let you:

  • Listen to your music regardless of the format:
    • Play numerous lossy and lossless audio formats;
    • Export playlists in various formats (PLS, M3U, XSPF);
    • Open different playlist types including M3U, PLS, XSPF and the popular CUE format used to store CD rips;
    • Play audio files stored on NAS devices and other network drives.
  • Rule your music with ease:
    • Control the player from the main interface, Dock context menu or main menu controls;
    • Automatically search for all the missing album artwork from MusicBrainz and LastFM databases;
    • Use keyboard media keys, headphones buttons and Apple Remote to control playback (requires VOX Preference Pane);
    • Easily add music via smart drop zones, ordinary open dialog and Finder context menu;
    • Use equalizer with presets and custom mode, crossfade, fade on play/pause, converting music to 5.1 or 7.1 format;
    • Preview album artwork from your Dock icon;
    • Gapless playback support;
    • Get system or Growl playback notifications.
  • Focus on music, not the source:
    • Work with different audio sources including custom Playlist, iTunes Library, online Radio and even more in the future;
    • Keep your listening statistics up-to-date with your LastFM account by means of LastFM scribbling.
  • Full SoundCloud integration:
    • Easily control SoundCloud from inside VOX;
    • Access the largest database of the world’s music and discover new sound;
    • Bring your SoundCloud stream and likes directly into VOX.
  • Get more out of your technical equipment:
    • Advanced Audio Features: HOG Mode; Improved multi-output device support;
    • Convert stereophonic audio in your headphones to binaural using Bauer DSP (BS2B) technology;
    • Pause playback automatically on headphones disconnection;
    • Take full advantage of AirPlay (10.8+) to listen from any of your wireless output devices.

Note: while VOX is listed as free, there is a «Premium» subscription option that can be purchased for $4.99. To learn more, go here.

Elmedia Video Player

This MacOS media player has an incredibly smooth, stylish interface that offers something very different from iTunes while still looking like a part of your Mac. Playlists are easy to create and sort through, and controls are very intuitive: We especially like the common sense broadcast button that allows you to quickly link to any connected device like speakers, Apple TV, or a smart TV for various audio options. File support is also strong, with compatible formats including M4A, WMA, MP3, M4V, and dozens more. There’s plenty of focus on video as well, so it also works as an alternative movie player.

The best lossless music player

To our mind the best lossless music player has to be easy to use, lightweight, multifunctional and to be able to play lossy music as well (because it would take ages to change your whole music library from lossy to lossless). We did some research and would like to present you our findings. Here are a couple of players, which we particularly liked.

VOX – the best FLAC player for Mac and iPhone

VOX might not be a pioneer in the field of lossless music players, but it is definitely one of the leaders nowadays. It is available for a free for both Mac and iPhone, and the Android and Windows versions are coming very soon. It can play a rather wide range of music formats, both lossless (i.e. FLAC, APE, ALAC, etc.) and lossy (i.e.MP3, OGG, etc.) Its developers added an enhanced Bass technology to its audio engine to make sure you get the most of your music’s output. In addition, it gives you an opportunity to synchronize your music libraries between Apple devices. This can be done with the help of VOX Cloud – music cloud storage. It is absolutely infinite and is available for VOX users only. Another great feature sounds as a saviour: if you know that you might not have Internet in the next couple of hours, you may download some of your favourite tracks and/or albums for offline listening. And the last but not least, VOX has a very easy, intuitive interface – so easy that you will not have to think where is what. Stream music via AirPlay to your loudspeakers.

And VOX is a FREE Music Player! Download it here.


This rather popular player is available for Mac users only. The good thing about it is that it can play both lossy and lossless formats. But one of its biggest advantages is its speed of work – it is one of the fastest players nowadays. It imports your iTunes library within seconds and helps you organize your music library no matter how big it is. Swinsian also features a playback via AirPlay. With the help of various shortcuts and different ways to customize your library, you will keep everything under your control. Besides, if you prefer a minimal interface, you can always choose a mini window or a desktop widget. Neither of them will take too much of your desktop’s space but will still tell you what you are listening to at the moment. It costs $19.95.


If you are a Windows user, you may consider downloading this player. Why? Because it is one of the best lossless music players for this system. It is completely free and offers a gapless playback for all formats it plays (the list is very long!). Foobar2000 also allows one to customize their interface! It might sound a bit tricky, but what wouldn’t you do to have the most convenient lossless music player for yourself with a number of useful features? It is also very light and will never slow down your PC (it is one of the lightest players in the world). Another amazing feature of this player is ReplayGain – it makes sure that all music you listen to has a relatively same volume and loudness. All in all, Foobar2000 provides a personalized experience for Windows users. They are also fundraising for mobile and tablet versions now – so hopefully there will be even more happy users very soon!


Fidelia, just like VOX, emphasizes its ability to play a very wide variety of music formats, including the ones which are not supported by iTunes natively. It offers many different tools and features such as headphone processor and sample rate converter, all of them are aimed to enhance your experience. Another useful feature of Fidelia lossless music player is that you can listen to your music on pretty much any device with the help of AirPlay. Lastly, they created a very interesting app for your iPhone, which basically works as a remote control for your Fidelia player; you can effortlessly browse within your music library and only your wireless network will be the limit. It costs $29.99.

Today we talked about different lossless music players and their features. As the true music lover you are the one to choose the best lossless music player now – we are here just to guide you.

Our choice is VOX Music Player for Mac and iPhone!

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  • VOX for iPhoneMusic Player for iPhonefor Hi-Res music
  • VOX for MacPremium Mac Music Playerfor Hi-Res music

VOX music player online music streaming

To save your time and make life easier for you, all of the online music streaming services we talked about today were added to one of the best music players nowadays – VOX music player. Why do we call it the best? Simply because it offers great playback for both lossy and lossless formats as well as having a number of useful features.

One of the VOX’s features provides an opportunity to easily add songs from SoundCloud to their Playlist and mix them with the songs one already has in “hard copy”. You can just merge your libraries within a second! Thanks to another recently added feature, one can listen to YouTube tracks directly – you just have to add the URL to Vox using CMD+U. This feature works only for Mac, but we are doing our best to make it possible to stream Youtube with VOX for iPhone. The same way applies to playlists. If you prefer, you can just move your playlists from your Mac to VOX – so easy! VOX also offers a wide selection of radio stations for all music-lovers, of all styles. You can add it to your account if you go to your In-App Purchase Options and choose ‘VOX Premium’. It costs just $4.99 per month, but it gives you access to hundreds of music stations of various genres forever + Premium Music Features + Exclusive Unlimited Music Cloud Storage!

Probably the best feature of VOX music player is still VOX Cloud. If you haven’t heard of it before, you are quite lucky, because you are going to be introduced now to one of the greatest gifts that can be given to a music lover! VOX Cloud is a cloud-based music storage. It is not an ordinary storage, which can be adjusted for your music files, it is a special music storage, created in such a way to keep your music the way it is (all formats are supported). No quality is lost, never. VOX Cloud also allows you to synchronize your music libraries between Mac and iPhone, as well as download your music tracks for offline listening. And the last but not least: it is completely endless and it will never change!

We think that using VOX music player is always the best choice. One does not only benefit from amazing sound and Loop music storage, one can also enjoy best online music streaming services at hand. So what are you waiting for? You can download VOX here.

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  • VOX for iPhoneMusic Player for iPhonefor Hi-Res music
  • VOX for MacPremium Mac Music Playerfor Hi-Res music


  • Google Drive accepts all file formats. We mean literally all: videos, archives, text documents, music, anything. If you have a large music collection in FLAC and upload it into the Drive, it will compress all your music into MP3s, though. The waste of the money you paid for your FLACs, isn’t it?

  • VOX Cloud won’t accept your wedding videos or the research paper you wrote in your freshman year. It will, however, accept any of the following file formats in unlimited amounts: aif, aiff, ape, alac, aac, m4a, mp4, caf, flac, mp1, mp2, mp3, mpc, sd2, vorbis ogg, spx, tta, wav, wma. Audio formats supported but played after downloading only in Loop (not streaming): it, mod, m4b, s3m, ay, mo3.


Армейские ПесниКлассика пианиноМузыка из рекламыДетские песни из мультфильмовМузыка для аэробикиСборник песен 70х годовДля любимого человекаКлассика в современной обработкеКлубные миксы русских исполнителей3D ЗвукДальнобойщикиЗарубежный рэп для машиныТоповые Клубные ТрекиМощные БасыДискотека 2000Песни про папуХристианские ПесниЗимняя МузыкаМузыка Для МедитацииРусские Хиты 90ХГрустная МузыкаRomantic SaxophoneТанцевальный хип-хопНовогодние песниЗарубежные хиты 80 — 90Песни про покемонаРомантическая МузыкаМотивация для тренировокМузыка для сексаМузыка в машинуДля силовых тренировокПремия «Grammy 2017»


Vox supports common files like FLAC, MP3, CUE, and APE, as well as high-resolution audio files for up to 5.1 channel support — ideal if you have your Mac connected to a larger speaker system and really want to take advantage of it. The Vox design isn’t too shabby either: Controls are friendly for both Mac and iPhone, and you have a lot of options to tweak playback as well.

If you are interested in paying for the premium version, you get access to the Vox music cloud, which allows you to sync your music between your Mac and iPhone — a nice little bonus if you switch between devices a lot. Premium also includes internet radio stations and a lot more.


В целом, Audirvana Plus проявил себя как наиболее проработанный плеер для прослушивания музыки на Mac. Здесь все сделано для прослушивания музыки в реальной жизни, когда компьютер используется и под другие задачи. Но и стоимость этого плеера самая высокая. Если у вас нет желания тратить деньги, то Vox выглядит довольно неплохо. Если нравится интерфейс iTunes, то можно пойти на компромисс и купить не очень уж дорогую надстройку BitPerfect.

Высококачественное побитное воспроизведение музыки на компьютерах с macOS возможно даже при использовании iTunes, но только если вы согласны вручную менять настройки устройства воспроизведения в дебрях ОС и не запускать другие программы, которые выводят звук. Если компьютер при этом активно используется, то лучше использовать сторонние медиаплееры. Они обеспечат автомат частоты и монопольный захват устройства воспроизведения, чтобы не дать другим приложениям подмешивать ничего в звуковой тракт.

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