What is TweakBox

It is a freeware app. That holds in its directory many modified applications. Which users can download and install, without the need of jailbreak or cydia. It even houses the famous electra jailbreak. Which you can use to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad without the need of Cydia Impactor or PC.

Some of other popular downloads from TweakBox iOS 12 includes Kodi, Moviebox, Showbox, Popcorn Time and ++apps. 

How To Download & Install TweakBox Online ?

The following guide will show you step by step method of complete installation. This can be done if you are on iOS 12, iOS 11, iOS 10 or iOS 1x.x.x versions. The same will work for the installation of Tweak Box on an iPad or iPod also.

So lets get on with out TweakBox Download iOS 11/12.

Steps : 

1. On your iDevice. Go to

2. Now tap on Download App Option.

3. Now you will see a Pop up. Asking you to “ignore” or “allow”. Tap on “Allow”.

4. Now you will see your settings open up. From here . On the top right . Click on “Install”.

5. If you have pass code on, you may require to enter it. Enter your pass code to confirm installation.

6. Now tap on Install option again.

7. That is it. Click Done. Tweakbox is fully installed on your iOS 12 /iOS 11 device. 

8. Now ,return to your application menu or home screen and search for Tweak Box. A new icon will be there. 

When you run the app. You will see different sections. Select the “Apps” section and now you have different choices to install random tweaked and modified apps on your iPhone or iPad.

How to Use TweakBox ?

As you can see in the above picture. There are many categories provided which you can avail. These are not normal as you will not find these apps on the appstore or any other place. Which can simply be installed without Jailbreak or Cydia. Just with a one touch source.
These categories include Appstore Apps, TweakBox Apps, Tweaked Apps, and Hacked Games.

Just like android. Many apps being hosted by Tweak Box require us to allow apps from unknown developers. That is not a problem. We can allow it easily. Just follow these steps.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click General.
  3. Choose Profiles & Device Management.
  4. Click the text located underneath Enterprise App.
  5. Click Trust.
  6. When prompted, tap on Trust again.

Once that is done. You are now able to use all the apps from this cracked app store without any issues. 

Benefits of TweakBox iOS 12

Personally, I am using it .And its a very useful application to have on your iPhone or iPad. This will help you get things very quickly and easily. For example, if you want to jailbreak. Just simply search for jailbreak or go to the category. You will find all the jailbreaks available. And use them by just tapping on install.

Other apps are also available. Like whatsapp++ ,Snapchat++, Spotify++.  No need for cydia. However you can not install themes or other advanced tweaks. Only a handful of software is available. Which they approve and host.

But the good thing is ,every game or app is working. You can be sure of it. Because TweakBox for iOS 11 or iOS 12 is a reliable source. Used by million of users around the world.

If you are into gaming. The hacked games category is best for you. Full of free games and hacks which are paid on the appstore. You can get without any hassle here. These include emulators, streaming apps such as Kodi and Popcorn Time, & much more.

TweakBox for iOS Features:

Before getting into the installation process, lets head on to some of the amazing features where TweakBox posses. We have mentioned a few alternatives of TweakBox above and we should accept that TweakBox App stands out among all of them in all means. So let’s go through some amazing features of TweakBox and let’s get to know the potential of this application.

  • When it comes to User Interface, we should appreciate the developers big time. The UI of TweakBox is really sleek and cool, a newbie can navigate through the apps and games out of ease without any hassle.
  • TweakBox has the largest database of third-party apps and games and that can be counted to around 2000+. None of the other third-party app installers have this humongous database. You can toggle around the apps and games and will be able to download your favorite ones in your device.
  • Most of the users have complained about getting repeated certificate revocation issues in other apps but in TweakBox it’s a boon that the number of bugs and errors is very minimal.
  • You can download a lot of tweaked apps like WhatsApp ++, SnapChat ++, Pandora ++, Instagram ++ in your device from TweakBox for iOS for free and that too without jailbreak.

For Android Users: TweakBox Apk App Download

Download and Install TweakBox for iOS on iPhone/iPad Without Jailbreak

So now let’s get into the core topic of the article where we will brief you up about the downloading and installation process of TweakBox for iOS in your device. We have tried and tested TweakBox in iOS versions like iOS 13, iOS 12.3, 12.2, 12.1, 11.2, iOS 11.1.2, iOS 11, iOS 11.1, iOS 11.0.1, iOS 10.2, iOS 10.2.1, iOS 10.3, iOS 10.3.1, iOS 10.3.2 and 9+ devices. All you want to do is to follow up the below-given steps and download TweakBox on your device.

First of all, launch the default safari browser in your device and navigate to the below-mentioned link in order to download the latest Tweakbox for iOS from below given link.

   Download TweakBox for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Alternative Direct Download Link 2:


  • Make sure that, you use Safari browser as for the installation purpose none of the other browsers works.
  • Now once the page gets loaded up, click on the Install button and it will be redirected to the download page. Again you will get a notification pop up, just click on Install and continue.

App Screen of TweakBox for iPhone/iPad without jailbreak

  • Navigate to the settings >> Device Management and Trust the profile certificate of TweakBox app. Make sure that you do this step or else you won’t be able to access the same.
  • Now get back to the home screen and you will be able to see the TweakBox icon, just tap on it and you will be able to access it and download your favorite application for free.

If you are facing any kind of errors with TweakBox App-like:

  • TweakBox App Could Not be Installed at this Time.
  • TweakBox Apps not Installing or Not Downloading.
  • TweakBox Not Working or Crashing.
  • TweakBox has No Pokmon Go Hack.
  • It’s not verified or Installed Apps not Showing up.
  • TweakBox Not Opening or anything like that, Please do check below complete guide.

Hope this article on How to download and Install TweakBox on iOS for iPhone/iPad without jailbreak has helped you out in installing TweakBox for iOS devices. Tweakbox is one of the best out in the market and we will keep updating about the same in coming articles, so keep updated and visiting. If you have any further issues related to the above-mentioned steps, just ping us through the comments and we will reply you at the earliest.

Thank You.

Что сейчас самое свежее

Новейшая утилита для jailbreak поддерживает прошивки до iOS 12.1.2. Хотя существуют «кривые» версии для старших прошивок, но они не имеют ничего общего с полноценными инструментами.

На данный момент последняя версия, которая поддается джейлбрейку — iOS 12.1.2.

Новейшие утилиты для джейлбрейка iOS — un0ver и Chimera. Обе поддерживают iOS 12.0-12.1.2. Но мы рекомендуем именно unc0ver, т.к. она использует Cydia от Saurik’а, а не Sileo для управления пакетами и тонкой настройки системы. Но в будущем это может измениться.

Владельцам устройств A12 или A12X, а именно: iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, 11″ iPad Pro (2018) или 12,9″ iPad Pro (2018) 3-го поколения, необходимо использовать Chimera, поскольку unc0ver еще не поддерживает эти новые устройства.

Последняя версия tvOS, под которую есть джейлбрейк — tvOS 12.1.1.

How To Sideload Apps from SideLoadBox using Cydia Impactor

SideloadBox, being an IPA library, provides you access to hundreds of tweaked apps and games for free and in the safest way. You don’t even have to consider jailbreaking your iDevices any more. Follow the instructions given below to easily Install Apps from SideloadBox on iOS.

1) First of all, you need to have Cydia Impactor on PC. If you don’t have it, you can download it from ( It is the official webpage of Cydia Impactor.

2) Now, you need to open SideloadBox from here ( and download the IPA file you want to. Wait till the installation is over.

3) Place the IPA file in a location which can be accessed easily.

4) Now, you are required to connect your iOS device to the PC using the data cables.

5) You need to open the Cydia Impactor from PC and wait until it detects your iOS device.

6) When the device is detected, move the downloaded IPA file to the Cydia Impactor by dragging and dropping it. Also, you can navigate to Device option and click on Install Package option on the menu bar of Cydia Impactor.

7) Now, the app will provide a field to enter your Apple ID and password. If you are using the original Apple ID, the developer certificate is valid for a year. Fake IDs can be used but the validity is only up to 7 days.

8) The Cydia Impactor will start the installation. After some time, it will display Complete on the screen when it is done.

9) You are now required to open the Setting on iOS. Scroll down and tap on Profile & Device Management option. From here, you need to enable the Trust option for the recently downloaded app.

Check these Awesome Apps:

  • Download GTA: San Andreas on iOS (iPhone/iPad).
  • Download Pandora++ on iOS (iPhone/iPad) using TweakBox.

Final Words: Download Apps from SideloadBox (TweakBox) on iOS Devices

That’s all you have to do. You have successfully downloaded IPA from SideloadBox using Cydia Impactor. It is simple and safe. The apps show great performance and UI and all of them are dug by TweakBox. There are no bugs or errors encountered till now. You can get hundreds of modded apps and games in the best quality. Even the paid and premium apps are available for free in the amazing SideloadBox IPA library.


Last but not least, is the Emus4U 3rd party app installer. Emus4U has all the features of the applications listed above, but with no advertisements. Installing is easy and requires only 3 simple steps.

While Emus4U doesn’t host the amount of content the three apps above have, the quality of apps provided is zero to none. Some of the most popular choices are available with Emus including Spotify++, Snapchat Black, Instagram++, Kodi, Bobby Movie, Playbox, YouTube++, and many more.

One of the best features Emus4U provides is its zero advertisement policy. Unlike those listed above, you will not encounter any pop-up ads while using Emus making searching and finding new apps a much more enjoyable experience.

There is even a Contact Button if you would like to report any issues or request a 3rd party app. Overall, Emus4U is an awesome app installer choice that is sure to please.

Latest TweakBox App for Windows PCMAC Computer Install TweakBox on PC STEPS

  • As a first, you will need an Android Emulator on your Windows PC/MAC Computer to initiate the installation process of TweakBox on PC. We recommend downloading BlueStacks Android Emulator for the purpose.
  • You can go ahead and download the offline setup for the same from the official website
  • Once the setup file has completely downloaded, tap on it for the installation process to start. You just need to follow the simple on-screen instructions and within no time BlueStacks will get installed on your Windows PC/MAC Computer.
  • Post successful installation of BlueStacks launches Download latest TweakBox Apk file on your Windows PC from the below-given link.
  • Next, right click on the downloaded Apk and from the pop-up menu that comes up please select the option of ‘Open With BlueStacks.’
  • That’s it! The installation procedure for TweakBox on PC will start now. Please be patient and let the installation process run its course.

  • Post successful installation of TweakBox Apk you will find its icon on the home screen or the dashboard of the Android Emulator.
  • Click on TweakBox icon and enjoy the amazing power that comes into your hands with it. Download and install any hacked, tweaked or modified application and game for free from TweakBox and enjoy the same on the big screen of your Windows PC/MAC Computer.
  • That’s it. Enjoy the the best app in the market.

TweakBox for Windows 10/8.1/8 & Windows 7 PC/Laptop or MAC Computer

So, these were the features and the simple download and installation steps of TweakBox App Apk on your Windows PC/Laptop or MAC Computer. Hoping we have covered all the information that you require for TweakBox, if, in any case, you get any doubt or have any question to ask please feel free to put down the same in the comments section below.

So, what are you waiting for now? Please go ahead and download TweakBox on your PC/Laptop and enjoy the unlimited power that comes with it. Download and install any hacked, modified or tweaked application or game from TweakBox and get to experience the same on the big screen of your Windows PC/MAC Computer.

Features TweakBox for iOS, Android and PC

So before getting into the installation and another process, let’s talk about some amazing features that TweakBox for iPhone, Android, and PC. We are pretty sure that once you finish reading this, you are going to install this app on your device. TweakBox App is perfect replacement for TuTuApp, AppValley, vShare, and FlekStore Apps. It’s a better app overall above-mentioned apps in terms of performance and updates. TweakBox twitter team is damn active and ready to help us at any time with app issues.

  • TweakBox App is an amazing application which lets you download and install many popular third-party apps and games without jailbreak. We have mentioned some of the apps and games above, but there are much more apps and games on the list.
  • Another appreciable feature which TweakBox posses is that its User Interface is stunning. It’s sleek and simple, where a newbie will be able to crack on how to install an application from TweakBox without any hassle.
  • There are many other alternatives for TweakBox but to the point, this app impressed us like anything. Its too much easy to toggle up between the options and applications tab and it will help us to install your favorite application.
  • When TweakBox is compared to its third party applications, the number of bugs and errors are much minimal. Most of the applications faced up many issues regarding the
    certificate revocation and connectivity issues of the downloaded apps. But TweakBox has put a stop for it by minimizing the bugs.
  • TweakBox owns a record by having a humongous database of holding about 2000 working tweaked apps and games and this is what these apps stands out and shine. You will be able to download and install your needed apps and games by toggling up different categories.

Install TweakBox on Windows PCMAC Computer Via Android Emulator

  • You require an Android Emulator to install TweakBox on Windows PC/MAC Computer. If you already have one it is well and good. Otherwise, we recommend BlueStacks for the purpose.
  • Please download the offline setup of BlueStacks from the official website.
  • Tap on the offline setup to initiate the installation of the Android Emulator. Follow the simple on-screen installation instructions and on the last screen tap on ‘Install’ to start the actual installation process.

After the emulator has installed successfully please download TweakBox APK from here.

  • Right-click on the APK and from the pop-up menu select the option ‘Open With -> BlueStacks.’
  • BlueStacks will automatically pick up the APK and install the same on your Windows PC/MAC Computer.
  • Once the installation is successful you can locate the icon o f TweakBox on the home screen of the Android Emulator.

TweakBox for Android, iOS and PC – Common Errors and Fixes

Howsoever good an application might be it has its fair share of bugs and errors. Same goes for TweakBox as well. Following are some common errors which are reported by the users along with their fixes.

“TweakBox Couldn’t be Downloaded At This Time” Error | TweakBox Won’t Download

First and foremost, you should reset the network settings of your device. For that you can navigate to Settings -> Network -> Reset Network Settings.

Once you are done with this please restart your device and try downloading TweakBox once again.

TweakBox Not Installing Apps | TweakBox Servers Down Fix

Usually, you get this error when the application developers have deliberately made the server go down in order to update the application. So, I guess there is no solution for this other than to wait. Usually, the updates are pretty quick and it won’t take much time for the servers to come up once again.

Now, a second scenario exists as well. It might not be a server issue and you can try to clear the cache of TweakBox. For this, you need to navigate to your device’s settings and from the list of installed applications please find TweakBox. It doesn’t matter whether you own an Android or iOS device as steps are same for both. Once inside TweakBox’s settings please click on ‘Clear Data’ and thereafter tap on ‘Force Stop’ to stop the application. Post following the mentioned steps please try installing the applications once again from TweakBox

TweakBox Not Installing on Android

Please check whether you have activated the option of ‘Unknown Sources’ in Settings -> Security or not. Also, TweakBox APK requires Android 6+ to run. Make sure you upgrade your OS to the latest version before installing TweakBox.

TweakBox Not Launching on iOS

Please check whether you have trusted the profile of TweakBox in Settings -> General -> Profiles & Device Management or not. If not then trust the same and then try launching the application.

TweakBox on Android, iOS & Windows PC/MAC Computer (Latest)

So, these were the steps to install TweakBox on Android, iOS & Windows PC/MAC Computer. If you have any questions in mind or face any issues during the installation or usage of TweakBox please let us know about the same via the comments section provided below.


The most used 3rd Party app installer currently available is TweakBox. With over 7 million users worldwide, its popularity is without question. TweakBox features over 2,000 applications available for installation.

One of the main reasons TweakBox has such a large following is because of its vast number of Categories. These include: Flash Apps, Appstore Apps, TweakBox Apps, Tweaked Apps, and Hacked Games.

One thing you will notice when using TweakBox is the advertisements. They can quickly be eliminated, however, by simply closing out of them using the x located in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

The only downfall with TweakBox is that currently, it is unavailable for installation on an Android device. Check this article or article below for any updates regarding TweakBox on Android Devices.

With a library full of content and an easy to use interface, it is easy to see why TweakBox’s fame has risen amongst all tweaked apps users.

Tutu App

While other app installers don’t always work on Android devices, the Tutu App works perfectly. Installing Tutu on an Android device involves the same process as an Apple device and can be done in less than 2 minutes. With an extensive list of 3rd party applications, Tutu App is great no matter your device preference.

The Tutu App is an extremely user-friendly application. With a Manager Section that shows available space, a bulk deleter, and more, Tutu caters to you at a higher level than other Tweaked Apps installers.

Categories provided by Tutu are: Home, Games, Apps, Charts, and Manager. One of the best features within Tutu is the Charts Section which shows popular and trending apps making your search process a breeze.

How To Install TweakBox

1. On your iPhone, iPad, or Android Device, go to

2. Click Install Now

3. When prompted, tap Allow.

4. A message will prompt stating the Profile Downloaded. Click Close

5. Return to your device’s home-screen and open Settings
Click Profile Downloaded

6. Click Install

7. If required, enter your Passcode to continue.

8. When prompted, tap Install.

9. Tap Done.

10. Return to the home screen and open the app

Installation is now complete!

You will now have different choices to install apps on your device. The paragraphs below will describe in detail the Categories and the options available within each.

TweakBox Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

How To Install TweakBox on Android?

You can easily install TweakBox on Android. Follow the steps given below.

1) You need to open the Settings.

2) Scroll down and tap on the Security option.

3) You will find the Unknown Sources option here which you need to enable.

4) You need to open the link given below using the browser.

5) Tap on the Download button and the APK file will be downloaded.

6) Now, you need to open TweakBox APK and click on the Install button that comes up in the pop-up window.

TweakBox APK will be installed within some time. You can use the app store to download other apps and games on Android.

How Can I Uninstall TweakBox?

You can follow the steps given below to uninstall TweakBox.

1) Take the home screen and look for the TweakBox app.

2) You need to long-press the app icon until it is movable.

3) You have to click on the cross at the top of the screen.

4) Confirm the action by clicking on Delete from the window that comes up.

How Can I Enable Trust for TweakBox on iOS?

TweakBox is a third-party app installer and hence needs to be trusted. Check out the steps below to do this.

1) You need to open the Settings of your device.

2) Open Profile & Device Management option under the General Section.

3) You are required to turn on the Trust option in the TweakBox profile.

That’s all you have to do. You can launch TweakBox safely on your iOS.

Can I Request Apps or Games?

You can request apps and games you want in the request section that can be seen on the bottom corner of the application. Once you submit the request, they will run through it and add on the apps and games as soon as they can. So just request the apps and games you want right away on TweakBox.

Will I Lose the Warranty of my iOS by Installing TweakBox?

Of course not. TweakBox is a third-party app installer that provides you with modded and tweaked apps for free. You don’t even require a jailbreak to install this app store. So, the security policies of iOS are not broke by TweakBox. The warranty of your iOS will be void only if you install the Cydia tweaks present in the app. TweakBox is completely safe to use on iOS.

How To Stop being Revoked

Later these days we have seen that TweakBox and other related apps got revoked due to some issues. We have posted many guides to fix this up, and some of them worked and some of them didn’t. But here is the permanent fix by installing NoThx AntiRevoke App, just go to the below guide and Install it on your device.

How To Fix Errors on TweakBox Application

Like any other third-party installers, TweakBox also got few errors that should be worked on like connection issues, Configure file not properly installing, App not installing and much more. So here we have given the link to the complete error fix guide of the same and you can fix it easily.

Best Apps Available on TweakBox

YouTube CercubeSpotify++


Alternatives List: Best TweakBox Alternatives – Similar Apps Like TweakBox App.

TweakBox on Android, iOS & PC  

So, these were the features and the simple installation steps to get TweakBox working on your Android, iOS device or Windows PC/MAC Computer. If you have any doubt or an additional question in mind please feel free to put down the same in the comments section below. We are always happy to help you

Thank You.

Jailbreak аннулирует гарантию на устройство

И да, и нет. Да, потому что если вы пойдете в магазин Apple со сломанным устройством, чтобы получить поддержку, ремонт или обслуживание, вам будет отказано (при условии, что они заметят). Apple не разрешает джейл в своём гарантийном соглашении. Для Apple незаконно запрещать вам делать то, что вы хотите с вашим устройством, но законно отказывать в предоставлении какой-либо поддержки, если вы сделали что-то, что им не нравится.

Из статьи Apple о Jailbreak:

«Компания Apple настоятельно рекомендует отказаться от установки и использования любого ПО для несанкционированной модификации ОС iOS

Кроме того, важно отметить, что несанкционированная модификация ОС iOS является нарушением условий лицензионного соглашения. Поэтому компания Apple имеет право отказать в сервисном обслуживании всем пользователям взломанных устройств iPhone, iPad или iPod touch.»

Однако, есть и ответ нет. Если вам нужно отнести устройство в магазин Apple, просто восстановите его заводские настройки заранее. Это полностью устранит все следы взлома, и устройство будет принято компанией Apple под гарантию. Узнать, что устройство было взломано невозможно.

TweakBox for iOS, Android WindowsMAC TweakBox Features

Before we move ahead to the installation steps of TweakBox on Android, iOS & Windows PC/MAC Computer, it is mandatory to share with you the amazing features of the 3rd party App Store. The coolest feature of TweakBox is that you don’t require rooting your Android smartphone nor you require jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad for installing TweakBox. Check out some more features of TweakBox:

  • The inventory of TweakBox is humongous. It has got a plenitude of hacked, modified and tweaked applications. The situation is hard to imagine where you are unable to find a required application on TweakBox.
  • The development team works pretty hard behind the scenes and regularly adds new applications and games on Updated TweakBox so that the users should always get that they want.
  • In case you happen to face a situation where you are unable to find a required application on TweakBox you can place a request for the same with the development team. The development team will acknowledge your request and add the required application on a priority basis.
  • The user interface of latest TweakBox is much like your Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Hence, it is pretty easy to navigate through the store and download applications.
  • Updates make their way as notifications on your phone. You can choose to update the application there and then or postpone the same to a more convenient time.
  • TweakBox for iOS is a lightweight application and doesn’t occupy much space on your device.

The feature set of TweakBox is, indeed, impressive. Let us move forward to the download and installation steps of TweakBox on Android, iOS and Windows PC/MAC Computer.


RECENT UPDATE 20th October 2018
FILE SIZE APK: 8.2MB | iOS: Config File

TweakBox App for Windows 108.187XP Laptop Features TweakBox for PC

But, before we share the download and installation steps it is mandatory to tell you about the fantastic features of this wonderful application.

  • As said in the beginning, the inventory of TweakBox for PC is extremely big and you will find every tweaked app and hacked game in it. Moreover, the development team works hard, day and night, to keep the application updated with the latest apps and games so that you don’t face a problem of a missing application. Unlike another relative third-party app store, the applications present on TweakBox are not fake and are in perfect working condition. Again, all credit for this goes to the wonderful development team of TweakBox.
  • If you access TweakBox on PC/Mac as a beginner you will be surprised to find that you won’t face any kind of issue in navigating through the contents of the application. The apps available in TweakBox are categorized into five different categories which are App Store Apps, Flash Apps, TweakBox Apps, Tweaked Apps, and Modified Games. The user interface of TweakBox on PC is simple yet appealing. Being extremely user-friendly in nature, there is no doubt that you will fall in love with this alternative app store.

  • Now, you must be concerned about updates. Every application that you download from Play Store has got updates for it after periodic intervals. Same is the case with TweakBox. You will receive periodic updates for the applications that you have downloaded and installed from it. You will receive a notification that an update for a particular application is available. Post receipt of the notification you can choose to update the application there and then or postpone it to a time of your convenience.
  • An application is totally useless if the customer support team is not proper and professional. TweakBox scores high in this case too as the customer support team of TweakBox is always enthusiastic to answer your queries and resolve your doubts. Moreover, if, in any case, you are unable to find a particular application in TweakBox, you can always go ahead and request the support team to add that particular application and they will add the same to the database on a priority

Being 100% sure that you must have made your decision, by now, to go ahead and download TweakBox on your Windows PC or MAC Computer let us share the download and installation steps for the same with you.

Try out the latest TweakBox on your iOS iPhone/iPad: TweakBox for iPhone/iPad: Download Tweakbox for iOS No Jailbreak.

Download TweakBox APK on Android Devices Without Root STEPS

  • As a first, please navigate to Settings -> Security of your Android device and toggle on the option of ‘Unknown Sources.’ This is because we are installing an application from a 3rd party source.
  • Next, please download TweakBox APK file from here.
  • Wait for the APK file to download successfully. Once the download is over, please navigate to the download location and tap on the APK file to initiate the installation process.
  • On the next screen please provide the required permissions to TweakBox and tap on ‘Install’ to continue with the installation process.

  • Be patient as the installation process might take some time.
  • Once the installation is over, you can locate the icon of TweakBox on the home screen of your Android smartphone.
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