Mountain Hardwear Downtown 20 499 руб.

Температурный режим: до -15°

Длинная женская куртка на пуху для зимнего горного туризма и прогулок по заснеженным российским городам.

Куртка утеплена пухом, который пропитан по технологии Q.Shield Down. Он не намокает и сохраняет тепло.

Отстёгивающийся капюшон с мехом защищает от ветра и холода. Подкладка — мягкий флис, что делает куртку ещё комфортнее.

Выполнена из нейлона. Она устойчива к износу и может прослужить долгие годы.

Куртки Mountain Hardwear разрабатывались для горного туризма, но интересный внешний вид, износоустойчивость, технология для защиты от влаги и практичность привлекли внимание и далеких от экстрима людей, вроде меня. Советую

P.S.: ищешь подходящую зимнюю обувь к таким курткам? Выбирай тут – недорого и неубиваемо.


Отлично садятся и дерзко тянутся — пять мужских и пять женских. Куртки для городских будней и активного отдыха, которые выбрали для личного использования. Рекомендуем.

Николай Грицаенко

Кандидат наук в рваных джинсах. Пишу докторскую на Mac, не выпускаю из рук iPhone, рассказываю про технологии и жизнь.


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Good cold weather bag. I have the long version of…

September 16, 2013


57 reviewer rep



Good cold weather bag.


  • Good warmth-to-weight ratio
  • Snug without being too restrictive



I have the long version of this bag. It’s very warm, the coldest I’ve had it was at 2°F, -17°C on a Therm-a-Rest Xtherm. I was very warm.

The interior pockets are a very nice addition, but as with all the Phantom bags, you’ll be wrestling with a snagged zipper if you don’t take the time to be careful with the zip.

This is a cold weather bag, if you try to sleep in this above freezing point, you’re going to be too warm.

I bought this sleeping bag a month ago and did Everest…

April 25, 2010

Rating: Price Paid: 475$

I bought this sleeping bag a month ago and did Everest trek in it. Before using it i thought it was quite expensive but after using, my impression was totally changed. Now I have a confidence to sleep easily and warmly even in very low temperatures.

The only drawback I feel is a little greater volume and no inner zip handle. Overall very good.

Great option, but maybe not the best option. Overall…

November 20, 2016


61 reviewer rep

Rating: Source: bought it new Price Paid: $480


Great option, but maybe not the best option.


  • Two internal pockets
  • Confortable, asymmetrical neck baffle


  • Segmented baffle construction
  • Less fill than others in class

Overall a great bag. I tested at a local camping store but purchased from Sunny Sports as they had the bag for $120 cheaper. I went with this for colder Colorado hikes and it holds up well down to near zero temperatures.

I was between this bag and comparable options from Feathered Friends and Western Mountaineering. In the end it came down to this bag and the Western Mountaineering Antelope. This bag was heavier than the Antelope and did not have continuous baffling, which can be a plus or sometimes a curse (depending on your storage habits).

I liked the asymmetrical neck baffle and I trust the Mountain Hardwear name so I went with the Phantom. It is also a little more snug fit and doesn’t pack down as small as the Antelope, but I found it to be more comfortable during limited in-store testing.

You have several choices in this temp and price range but it really only comes down to two: the Mountain Hardwear (MH) Phantom and the comparable Western Mountaineering (WM) Antelope. The comps go as follows:

  • Comfort: MH
  • Fit: Closest but WM
  • Neck Baffle: MH
  • Packability: WM
  • Warmth: MH (but this is only through Trailspace and similar review sites, as both were not tested outside the store)
  • Price: Tie
  • Weight: WM

See which of the above you value most and hopefully this will help you you make an informed decision. 

Great weight-to-warmth ratio. Used in temps below…

March 20, 2014


13 reviewer rep

Rating: Source: bought it new Price Paid: $400


Great weight-to-warmth ratio. Used in temps below 0. Have used for 3 years and no complaints


  • Weight
  • Warmth


Slim fit

Used this bag in below 0 temps in the Sierras and Alaska. Lightweight. Warm. Compacts nicely with a 16 liter compression sack. Use a liner and very comfortable.

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